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New Frontier for Anime Fans: “I’ve been to that place before!”

I knew this was making news, but never expected to find it on the Wall Street Journal’s website (Chinese version):


note: for those of you who prefer the English version, just click on the ‘英’ on top of the article and it will convert automatically.

This is not a new trend, as I remember reports about similar cases when the anime series “One-gai Teacher” was showing on TV.

For those fans of these popular series, the ‘depth’ of the anime could include the settings of the series – especially for those works where the animation staff actually went to countryside places in Japan to collect information, allowing these work to appear ‘closer to real life’.

The trend (I think its called ‘Localized Anime’ or something like that) of using an actual city or town as the background for an animation series sometimes prove to be a great tool in attracting the otakus to the place. In fact, some of the more hard-core fanboys even spend a lot of time tracking down the actual places certain scenes in the animation series was based upon (such as certain crossroad, gates of a shrine, or even the waiting rooms of the local trains station).

In addition to Lucky Star, for those that enjoy doing this kind of ‘research’, you can take a look at “One-gai Teacher,” “One-gai Teacher 2” and “True Tears (anime)”.


August 3, 2008 - Posted by | Animation

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