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Art and Millet in My Life

A flag advertising the exhibition

A flag advertising the exhibition

Seriously, going to an art expo is not really the first thing I’d consider. However, like all victims of mass media campaign, I decided to give it a try and took some time off from work to join the hoopla. Alright, I admit it, my OT time needs to be used anyways..

Now, the exhibition has been going on for several months. The event received a lot of exposure on TV when it began, and attracted many people in Taiwan who don’t usually go to art exhibitions. For me, the one thing I really wanted to see for myself are Millet’s “Gleaners” and “The Angelus” – two major paintings that most people probably know by the painting itself (I didn’t even know the name until I saw it on the news… Ok, I admit I’m no art student).

“Millet and His Time: Masterpieces from the Musee d’Osray” Exhibition featured a total of 65 paintings from artists including Millet, Hedouin, Hunt, and others. There were also first generation photographs from the mid-19th century on display.

However, it looks like I wasn’t the only one interested in this event. After arriving at the National Museum of History at around 4:30 p.m., the first thing I looked for was the end of the line. Well, I found it after about 5 minutes of walking; the end of the line went all the way around the building, into the back, and into the park:

The waiting line

The waiting line


Yep. It looks like everyone wants to get to get a last look before the expo draws to a close. It doesn’t matter even if its the afternoon of a weekday or the first week of school for most kids (shrug).

After about 2 hours of waiting (Yes, I got in about 6:20, and there were still a bunch of people still lining up), I finally carved my way into the museum and exhibition. Frankly, NT$250 and the two hour waiting time is probably the most I’d invest to get a good look at these well-known paintings.

Well, after I saw the great paintings, I made my way out (yes, the place is still stuffed with people) and found myself at the souvenir shop – another gathering of fanatics looking for goods.

People flocking to the merchandise on display

People flocking to the merchandise on display

Admittingly, I was pretty attracted to the painting of “Shepherdess and her flock”, so I bought a poster (NT$150) and brought it home. Guess what? When I made it out the door, there were still people waiting in line, and its 7:30 p.m.

People still waiting in line

People still waiting in line

Looks like I’m not the only last-minute fan wanna-be lol.


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