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Singapore Vacation

OK, this post came a bit late as I ended up stuck with work catch-up for the entire week after I returned to Taiwan.

A view of Singapore in the night

A view of Singapore in the night

Anyways, this was the second time I’ve got a chance to visit the citystate – even though it costed me an arm and a leg for it. Though thanks to good old friend Johnny, I was able to skip the part on transportation. Once again – Thanks Johnny! You’re a great host!

Now, on with the story…

Why was I in Singapore? Answer: for May’n’s concert. For those who have no idea who May’n is, she’s the one of the leading female singer for the animation series “Macross Frontier”: she’s the voice of Shryl Nome – or rather, the voice for her songs. The 18-turn-19-year old has established an amazing record of sending several songs onto the Oricon hit chart, something considered amazing for animation song-related artists.

So why Singapore? Well, May’n ticket are a bit hard to get in Japan. In fact, I know a friend who signed up for her fan club, and had to participate in lottery for her concert ticket. So compared to going for a lucky draw, I’d rather pay NT$2,500 (USD 80-ish) for a front row position and a guaranteed autograph.

Does that make sense? It did for me.

The deva herself in Singapore

The deva herself in Singapore

(End of part 1)


November 30, 2008 - Posted by | Trips

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Gotta post all your photos man! You took some great shots at AFA ’08!

    Comment by Jonathan Wong | November 30, 2008 | Reply

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