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Dnd 4th Ed: Keep on the Shadowfell S-3

UndeadChamber,原由 dalune 上載。

It’s been a long time since my last update. Of course, the truth is that there has been several sessions between the last post and this one, but not much has been accomplished. In fact, the situation is pretty much a stalemate, with players still trying to make their way through the first level of the keep.

For those of you who have the module, you probably remember this scene – the corridor right outside Sir Keegan’s resting place, manned by a ten stone coffins generating an unlimited supply of guardian skeletons.

Anyways, up to this point, the players have successfully made their way into the catacomb section of the keep (still in level 1). However, after the encounters with the goblin tribe, the players ended up having to flee – as well as suffering the death of the party’s dwarven fighter.

The good point is that now the party has been reduced to five – the perfect size party for the module – and I have an extra assitant DM (the player of the dwarven fighter). With the help of the experienced player, we’ve managed to get 3 battles out of the way in a six-hour session. Now THAT’s accomplishment!

Once again, the battles really get into a drag. For the DM, its like running strategic combats for every encounter, which is very taxing for my poor brain. Now, with my assistant DM handling the combat, I could finally invest more time into “spicing” up the close-to-nothing storyline.


December 14, 2008 - Posted by | Role Playing Games

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