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It’s a Cold Day in the Sun

Here’s one of Taipei’s old city gate at sunset. It’s also one of the coldest day this winter – barely above 10-degree C.

Hey, I’m not a fan of Foo Fighter, but I must say this song provides the best description for my sentiments on the first day of 2009.

Franky, it’s about 10 degrees outside, and no sane mind would want to get out of bed and suffer the freezing temperature.

However, it’s quite hard to ignore the banging drums and blasting trumpets right outside, so I grabbed my camera and dashed out the door, to see what kind of people dare disturb the peace of New Year day.

What I saw was an entire marching band.

Marching Band

Interestingly, the members of the marching band are Faloon Gong people. I hardly recall them holding major rallies, so that’s why I decided to take some photos.

Frankly, I’m quite surprised that chinese costumes can fit so well into a marching band theme.

The parade from the side

After hanging around the parade route, I decided to check another site out – a protest on the first day of 2009.

The news at noon noted that several local organizations, academia people, and students were staging a protest outside of the Legislative Yuan. The entire event was to protest the Legislative Yuan’s meddling in the budget of Taiwan’s public TV network. The fear among the demonstraters is that politics is trying to find its way back to the media. (For those interested, here’s the news )

Anyways, by the time I arrived at the scene, the protest was disbanding.

Ready to disband

Well, it was getting late and pretty damn cold). Too bad I wasn’t able to see the “human domino” skit as it surrounded the premise of the Legislative Yuan.

As fate wills it, I encountered a third gathering on my way home. This time, the band was of “official” nature – the marching band of the army, playing away as the flag descended from its position at the end of the day.

The marching band before the Presidential Office

So I guess the song’s lyrics do put what I saw on the roads
into words allowing vivid imagination:

I wish I could take it away
and save you from yourself
You get so lost inside your head like no one else
Are you looking for someone to blame?

Wow… what a day. Who would expect a New Year day to end up like this one – especially in a mere 3 hours? I hope this is not some sort of omen for the coming year.


January 1, 2009 - Posted by | Rants

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