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FTB Concert in Taipei

Freddie on the stage

Freddie on the stage

One of the last thing you’d expect in Taipei City at this age and time is a concert in support of a free Tibet. As many people are aware of, 2009 marks the 50th anniversary  of the mountain nation under communist rule.

Turnout for the concert on July 11 was in the neighborhood of thousands. While most of the performers are Indies groups, the ‘heat’ and ‘excitement’ at the scene was relatively intense.

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New Venue for Meetings and Sessions

Y17 Room

As an avid role-playing game player for many years, finding a place to conduct game has always been a great challenge for me – especially a place that could be used for holding long-term games (around the ball park of once every-other week).

Since the early days of holding games at the home of different players, the group decided to move the meetings to public places (of course, one of the reasons for doing so is to avoid the occasional intrusion of family members who don’t play the game).

However, public places is not without its downfalls; restaurants such as McD’s is not the best place for an 8-hour long adventure; likewise, small restaurants with separate tables might get a bit awkward for customers staying for both lunch and dinner (not to forget about the $$$ issue). Continue reading

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