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Belated Fireworks Show

It’s the Time of the Year for Fireworks! (or Warm-ups, rather)

Here in Taipei, we get a total of roughly 2-3 firework shows a year. They happen usually around New Year (the countdown party) and midsummer (sometimes in August).

Unfortunately, for us, the commoners of the city, the celebrations were called off for the summer rounds due to the massive damage induced by Typhoon Morakot in August. The organizers deemed it unwise to have celebrations when parts of the country are still underwater.

As a result, the festival (which takes place at Dadaocheng, the older neighborhood in the city) was resurrected in November after avoiding the more “sensitive” period.

So instead of the typical midsummer fest, this year’s firework show has become more a practice session for the bigger and better-known New Year countdown party next to the Taipei 101.

However, many of us fireworks photographers were rather disappointed by the actual show on November 8. For one thing, the spot located next to the bank of Sanchong – right across from Taipei and a well-known shooting spot for the fireworks – got the smoke up their face. The poor guys who start claiming spots at noon (the show was at 8:30 PM) ended up with pictures of bright lines enclosed with shrouds of smoke.

Well, knowing that it’s more of a learning session for beginners like me, I followed my mentor’s advice in staying with the crowd. The position I selected was on the bridge right across from the stage of the fireworks. The good thing about my place on Zhongxiao Bridge is that I get a clear view of both the fireworks and the 50-story Mistukoshi Building in the same picture. The downside? Try keeping your tripod stable with cars rumbling on the bridge behind you.

It turns out that some of the pictures turn out well… like four out of several hundreds. Anyways, it was quite an interesting experience, and I’m looking forward to the next round.


December 5, 2009 - Posted by | Good excuse for photos

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