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FF XIII Debut Event

For those people who has owned home consoles (I’m referring to ones by Nintendo and Sony), there’s probably a chance or two that you’ve heard about the game Final Fantasy. The box office champion of the videogame industry is known for its flashy graphics and plotline aimed at mainstream audience (well, in other words, for people who wants the quick-and-straightforward, get-on-with-it arrangement).

With this group of target audience in mind, it’s no surprise that Square Enix (formerly Square before being munched-up by Enix – Japanese multimedia giant and maker of Dragon Quest series) spend a large sum of cash to organize publicity campaigns in major cities around the world for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, the newest addition to the legendary series.

According to the latest reports, sales of the new game shot past the 2 million mark well within the first week of its release. What can you expect from a bestseller like this one, given all the press-and-hype on this baby over the past several months?

Likewise, the local Sony games division also held a countdown sales event for the game. The event took place in the afternoon on December 17. The organizers choose Guanghua Digital Plaza – the home grounds of computer accessories in Taipei – to be the venue of the event.

As you can tell from the pictures, a large number of working-age people showed up for the event. I thought Thursday is a working day by real world standards!

Anyways, the game has a hefty price tag of NT$2800 – NT$14480 for the PS3 250GB bundle for those who wants to get a brand-new console with an imprint of the main female lead ‘Lightning’.

However, customers be warned, for those buying the Taiwan version has to withstand the shock of an ugly traffic light signal printed onto the cover – for the purpose of meeting the local rating system for videogames deemed for mature audience (or PF or something).

Now you see why the Japanese version is fetching a better price in the local use-goods auction.


January 5, 2010 - Posted by | Comic and Game

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