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New Panasonic LX-5 Camera

Personally, I think the Panasonic LX-3 is one of the top digital camera released by the company. While I do not own one, I have borrowed the camera from my co-worker and tried out this masterpiece in various situations.

Now this classic model has a successor – the newly announced DMC-LX5.

Even though I won’t describe this as something that could easily fit into your pocket (you can forget about it if you use an optional viewfinder), the image quality delivered by this machine is excellent.

Of course, having a lens with the print “Leica” on it helps alot. The LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON F/2.0 makes life a lot easier for users, especially with a very appealing wide at 24mm. To resolve complaints about the old model having a pathetic range of 24mm-60mm, the lens of the new model is now an upgraded 24mm-90mm.

In addition, the “joystick” on the back of the body has been replaced by a new wheel, making menu navigation and selection a lot easier.

For people like me who likes to use an external viewfinder, the LX-5 now comes with a port under the hotshoe, allowing the use of electronic viewfinder VF1. This would be very appealing for people who own the GF-1, because the viewfinder is also usable on the m43 body.

Click here for the complete news release from Panasonic on the LX-5.


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