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2011 Car Show at Taipei World Trade Center

Gals and Volvo's new vehicle on stage

The annual Taipei Car show took place at the Taipei World Trade Center between December 24 and 27. Although the exhibition this year is not one of the “major” events (the “major” car show happens every other year – so this one is the “off” year), there’s nonetheless quite a lot of things to watch.

Of course, I’m referring to both CAR and MODEL (not your average show girl).


Despite the hefty admission at NT$150, there were a lot more people than I expected. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising that a large number of show-goers were armed with some kind of camera. In fact, the organizer was holding a photo competition to encourage people to grab shots during the event.

Beamer Z4... lovely!

A BMW bike

The participating car companies wasn’t going to give up potential customers easily, so many invested in the show girls/models, and some even went as far as holding “shows” every hour or so.

Volvo's car and model

The most notable company, in my opinion, is Volvo. The Swedish company (recently acquired by China’s Ji Li) hired several models from Taiwan’s well-known model agency CatWalk for the exhibition.


The cool thing about Volvo’s show is that it took place every hour, and the models will descend to the floor area to poise for photos with the cars there.

Volvo show girl

As for the vehicle, Volvo is publicizing the release of its S60 and C30 – the two cars took center stage for the shows.

Volvo S60

Being a car show, I would be disappointed if I don’t get to see the luxury European cars. While there wasn’t any Lamborghini, I still managed to catch a glimpse of the B’s (BMW and Benz), as well as Porsche and Range Rover.


Porsche area

Porsche Turbo-S

Mini Cooper

Mercedes Benz S-class

Range Rover

A lovely Beetle in yellow

Volkswagan Tiguan - my personal favorite


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  1. Ha ha, you too huh?

    I test drove a Tiguan late summer…I didn’t care for the turbo lag…but the design and size is perfect…not sure if the luggage area can handle a shinai bag though 😦

    Comment by David | January 12, 2011 | Reply

  2. You can always remove the back seats to make more room for the Shinai bags. I think most SUV today have enough room for big items…

    Unfortunately, a fully-packed Tiguan costs about 1.5m NT…. ouch! (Ford Escape, on the other hand, is about 700,000 – roughly half the price).

    Comment by ronderick | January 13, 2011 | Reply

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