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Christmas Season in Xinyi District

X'Mas City Logo and Tree

While Christmas is one of the major holidays in the west, here in Taiwan we don’t even get a day off. Yes, for those who wish to observe the age-old tradition of not working on Christmas Day, everything comes at your own expense.

However, not taking a day off does not necessary mean no decorations at all. In fact, the “gearing up” motion in Taiwan is about as fanfare-full as the efforts in the West. Frankly, I think the main reason behind all these do-it-though-we-don’t-believe-it action is to make money off those people who are willing to spend money during the holiday season, or at least to do some holiday shopping.

In Xinyi District, one of the most savvy and trendy commercial zones in Taipei, Christmas is a big event. You even get private sponsors like Canon who are willing to invest and decorate public spaces with Christmas trees.

Here are some photos I manage to capture right around Christmas time.

The White Christmas Tree at the Mitsukoshi walkway leading to Vieshow

A "starry night" view from above

Another view of the lights taken from the ground floor level


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