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Tour de Taiwan – Stage 1


Cyclists cutting a corner; you can see the Eslite Bookstore in the backgroud

It is quite hard to imagine that the sun could be so daunting during spring season. Such was the case on the second day of the Tour de Taiwan 2011. Following the trial laps on Saturday, the tournament kicked off with the 60-km crit in Taipei.

Since the event happened on the same day and the same location as another cycling event (this one for entire families and average Joes), the route around city hall is crowded with spectators as well as participants of the other event. Continue reading


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Sakura Trees in Wu Lin Farm

Cherry blossoms in full bloom

When most people hear the key words “spring” and “Japan”, the image of cherry blossoms often comes to mind. Most visitors to Japan during this period are often mesmerized by the beautiful sights of sakura trees in full bloom, raining pink- and white-colored flower petals in response to a strong breeze. Continue reading

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Fire, Water, and Lantern Festival


Young men carrying the sedan of a local diety as they run across the charcoal

When talking about the Lantern Festival, there’s an old saying in Taiwan that goes “Sky Lantern of the North, Bee Rockets of the South.” In fact, these two are Taiwan’s two unique lantern festival celebrations. Continue reading

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