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Canon ImageFest

Canon Taiwan 10th Anniversary - Canon Imagefest

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in Taiwan, the local Canon held the Canon Image Fest event for a 3-day period between April 8 and April 10 at the plaza between Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 and Taipei 101.

While diehard Canon fans might know that the Japanese company has a factory in Taiwan, the marketing/camera division came much later (the factory has been up and running since the 70s, but “Canon Taiwan” is only celebrating its first decade on this island).

Crowds at the venue

Now, unlike typical indoor venues, Canon Taiwan decided to stage its event inside a tent at an open area. The good thing about this arrangement is that the Image Fest would not be affected by the noisy and raucous atmosphere dominating the Spring Season Computer Show next door at Hall 1. Of course, with the lack of vendor activity at the fest, those who wants to enjoy the show do not need to fear the aggressive bantering of salesmen, while others who like certain Canon camera models can simply walk next door and buy the gadget at the show.

People trying out the super-teles

Having free admission ensures a large crowd, and it’s not necessary a bad thing if you consider it’s a Canon-only event. Of course, thanks to the generosity of the company, people who cannot afford the “big whites” have a chance to feel and caress a real 600mm f/4 L lens. Well, maybe the young ladies find the EOS 600D or 1000D more attractive.

Antique Canon printer from ages past

Of course, being a company specializing in imaging business, Canon also took this chance to showcase their printers and other gadgets. The cool thing at the show is they actually have a flow workshop, showing you how a commercial shot is transformed through post processing and printed out via professional poster printers.

Staged entertainment

To keep bored visitors (or those family members that have no interest whatsoever in photography but forced to be there because their loved ones are fans of Canon) entertained, there’s stage shows every hour, featuring stilt walking clowns and Russian acrobats.

Acrobats from Russia performing on the stage

However, in my personal opinion, the main attraction of the Canon Image Fest is the showcase of ancient cameras, including a prototype dating back to the 1930s developed by “Kwanon” – showing the connection of the company’s name to the Bodhisattva of Mercy.

Hansa Canon - from the early ages

Canon AE-1 SLR

There’s also another ancient gadgets such as the Canon’s first camera with auto exposure control “Canonet” (1960), Canon’s first SLR “Flex” (1964), the F-1 (1970), and the classic AE-1 (1976) – the first camera with built-in microcomputer enabling continuous shooting.

All in all, great fun for a free event in my opinion. Too bad there’s no announcement on new models (where’s my 5DMK3 or 1DsMKIV???)

The new Canon EOS 600D


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