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[AFA11] Press Event

I Love Anime Concert - All stars photo

This is my third time visiting the Anime Festival Asia (AFA 11 for this year) in Singapore’s Suntec Center. I was one of those fortunate enough to attend the first one a few years back, and it is amazing how rapid the scale of this event have grown in just a short period. (Warning!  Photo-heavy article coming up!)

The main stage of the press event - the same venue for the Cool Japan Forum

As a little extra bonus, I was able to attend the press conference on Friday, November 11 with my blogger pal in Singapore. This happens to be a wonderful opportunity, so here are some of the photo to share with you guys out there.

A look at what's placed at the back of the forum venue

Notice the special steps for media people (photographers, video crew, etc.) and a booth for the interpreters. Very professional setup – compared to those in Taiwan (well, consider the fact that the anime events in Taiwan had, for the majority, remained unchanged for over a decade).

The important part of the press event is introducing the stars of the I Love Anime concerts scheduled for the nights of Friday thru Sunday. Here’s a rundown of these guests (with the exception of the cosplayers, of course. They’re here for the main stage, not the concert):

Cosplayers Kaname and Usagi

SEA☆A - the local girls from the AFA maid cafe who's starting to make an impact

LISA - the rising star known for her song from Angel Beat and Fate Zero

Mizuki Ichiro - or "Aniki" - the legend of Anime songs. If you watch Kamen Rider or Machine Gaizer, you've probably heard his songs before

Angela!!! Yes!!!

Two of the four Milky Holmes members

FLOW - the band for some well-known theme songs from works like Euerka 7 and Code Geass

Kalafina - performers who's leap to fame began with Garden of Sinners (空之境界) movies

Of course, who can forget May'n - the diva from Macross Frontier? Too bad Nakajima didn't come...

I must say, it is a very impressive crew they have invited for this year. Of course, you’d probably notice that several of them are affiliated with Sony Music Entertainment (SME). Having good relations with these Japanese entertainment giants is definitely a big plus!

For those interested to know more about AFA 11, here’s a link to the official website.

Before I forget, here’s a extra photo of the all stars photo op – I got lucky when the members of FLOW looked in my direction, making this shot rather interesting.

FLOW! Love you guys! and thanks for looking my way!

Next up – the forum sessions (though I only attended three sessions out of the entire course scheduled for Friday afternoon… still, better than nothing).


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  1. Nice Photos. Too bad the public isn’t allowed to attend the press conference. You’re sure are lucky then 🙂

    Comment by Furry | November 15, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thank you. I was actually pretty nervous that the photos didn’t turn out well (I had a bit of a flash problem… should have checked the configurations before things got going.)

    Comment by ronderick | November 15, 2011 | Reply

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