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2015 Taipei Game Show – More Gals than Games?


Cosplayer posing as Alisa from God Eater 2 Burst


I guess the Taipei Game Show has always been a major event for local game fans. It’s even getting a lot better in recent years, with a bunch of Japanese producers and game directors from big brands showing up to talk about their latest project. Continue reading


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[AFA11] Press Event

I Love Anime Concert - All stars photo

This is my third time visiting the Anime Festival Asia (AFA 11 for this year) in Singapore’s Suntec Center. I was one of those fortunate enough to attend the first one a few years back, and it is amazing how rapid the scale of this event have grown in just a short period. (Warning!  Photo-heavy article coming up!) Continue reading

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Anime Festival Asia 2010 in Singapore

Main Stage of AFAX

Well, as I promised before, here’s a little look into the main event of my 3 day visit to Singapore – Anime Festival Asia 2010 (also known as AFAX). Continue reading

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FF XIII Debut Event

For those people who has owned home consoles (I’m referring to ones by Nintendo and Sony), there’s probably a chance or two that you’ve heard about the game Final Fantasy. The box office champion of the videogame industry is known for its flashy graphics and plotline aimed at mainstream audience (well, in other words, for people who wants the quick-and-straightforward, get-on-with-it arrangement). Continue reading

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Comic Galore at TWTC Hall 2

Entrance of TWTC Hall 2

Entrance of TWTC Hall 2

Once again, here’s another exhibition that proves my theory about exhibitions in Taiwan – they’re simply night markets with the hawkers shouting inside the building rather than in the open air.

For those who’s not familiar with the Japanese ACG playing field in Taiwan (ACG standing for Animation, Comic, and Game), here’s a quick overview: For the local Otaku, the two major company-sponsored ACG events take place in February (the Taipei International Book Exhibition) and July/August (the Comic Exhibition). Continue reading

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