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Happy New Year 2012!

Lighting up Taipei 101

A big welcome to Year 2012, the end of the world… supposedly.

Anyways, before that happens, I’d like to take this space to wish all readers a happy and bright New Year.


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Taipei International Digital Photography and Media Equipment Exhibition

Tripods displayed at Manfrotto booth

This is the third time for me to visit the Photo Gear expo in Taipei. Similar to most expos in Taipei, the camera gear event has a lot more to do with selling stuff than introducing new gears. Continue reading

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E-5 Press Conference in Taiwan

My first encounter with Olympus cameras took place during a wild bird photography exhibition at a local department store a few years back. At that time, I was only an amateur photographer who is still trying to figure out the controls on my Canon 40D.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the exhibition was the “moment” captured through the camera – a bird leaping into the air, a seagull landing into the water, and such. While I was trying to figure out what settings the photographers use to freeze the moment, a helpful staff asked me if I wanted to try out the camera the photographers use (most likely because there were no other people around at the moment).

So there I was, standing behind the E3 mounted with a super-tele that’s long enough to see the other end of the exhibition hall. This was the first time I have a chance to try out a super-tele lens with a fast AF camera, and I was IMPRESSED! Continue reading

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New Panasonic LX-5 Camera

Personally, I think the Panasonic LX-3 is one of the top digital camera released by the company. While I do not own one, I have borrowed the camera from my co-worker and tried out this masterpiece in various situations.

Now this classic model has a successor – the newly announced DMC-LX5. Continue reading

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Olympus E-P2


This is not exactly news, but I must say that the release of Olympus E-P2 in a matter of a few short months since its widely popular E-P1 really surprised me.

I think the E-P1 sets a milestone in the development of the M43 (Micro four-third) system, leading to new models by Panasonic’s GF-1 and probably more new cameras in the year ahead. There are also rumors that new players may be entering the game, including big names such as Sony and Fujifilm. Continue reading

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