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Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

A Happy New Year to all readers out there.

The year 2012 has been a rather rugged year for me, resulting in a more-or-less depleted blog. Hopefully, 2013 will see more articles produced from my end.

Nothing set in stone… but hopefully more than 1 article at least….



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Another 228 Memorial Holiday

CKS Memorial Hall on Feb 28,原由 dalune 上載。

It’s Saturday, but for me, there’s nothing better than going through my video collection and mop up some of the series I promised myself that I’d go over when I have the time.

But again, it’s a holiday – 228 Memorial Day. Even though it’s a Saturday (so I’m cheated out of another day off), there were news about concerts, memorial, and events going on around the city,

So out I go with my camera… but it’s a bit too late. But the time I got around to CKS Memorial Hall, most people were packing up and heading home.

Maybe next time I’ll wake up in time, rather than watching video till 7 in the morning and waking up at 4 p.m.

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It’s a Cold Day in the Sun

Here’s one of Taipei’s old city gate at sunset. It’s also one of the coldest day this winter – barely above 10-degree C.

Hey, I’m not a fan of Foo Fighter, but I must say this song provides the best description for my sentiments on the first day of 2009.

Franky, it’s about 10 degrees outside, and no sane mind would want to get out of bed and suffer the freezing temperature.

However, it’s quite hard to ignore the banging drums and blasting trumpets right outside, so I grabbed my camera and dashed out the door, to see what kind of people dare disturb the peace of New Year day. Continue reading

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Ready for 2009?

Saber Lily w bckgrd It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and the temperature in Taipei has just taken a dive – down to about 12 degree Celsius. So is the world ready for 2009?

Looking back over 2008, it’s quite hard to imagine a tougher year. With the big credit crunch setting in big times, the economies in most nations around the world have more or less taken a beating.

Well, after enjoying an entire year of roller coaster ride, I’m glad I still have my job and found a new hobby – not to mention being able to go abroad three times in the same year, or, even better, gone through three partners at my office (the first left early on in the year, the second one lasting less than 6 months, and the third one just arrived last month).

So after the big firework show at 101 (heard that it’s going to be Apple shining high up there), what’s there to look forward to in the coming year? Most people are doubting that the dip will hit the bottom in 2009, so that probably means more bad news. Then again, it could have been a lot worse – a major war. So I guess a New Year’s wish for me is that sane minds will find a way to retain the status-quo.

As for now, back to my vids.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Thoughts on the 2008 IT Month

2008ITmonth,原由 dalune 上載。

Unlike past years, the 2008 IT Month seems a bit lackluster. That is not to say that there’s a lack of new products (just take a look at those new models of netbooks!), but at least the battalion of salesmen don’t seem to be pleased from the look of their face.

The vendors were hoping that this major end-of-the-year event would bring a brighter outlook to the already-depressed economy. Unfortunately, as an unamed salesperson remarked on TV, there were more people window shopping than actually buying or ordering.

According to reports, there were a total of 1600 booths at the show, comprising of over 350 companies.

As usual, there’s never a lack of show girls at the event. You could always see the crowd congregate whenever one of the stands decide to have the show girls perform on stage. Admist the flash and cheers, its hard not to wonder what in the world these sexy or not-so-sexy dance have to do with printers.

For me, my major objective was to see if the new Eos 5D Mk 2 could be found at the Canon booth. Unfortunately, there were only 3 (that’s what I heard) at the event. Needless to say – no chance.

So I guess this year’s event, as the local saying goes, “Loud thunder, little rain” (雷聲大、雨點小). Maybe next year’s expo will be better *shrug*

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