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New Venue for Meetings and Sessions

Y17 Room

As an avid role-playing game player for many years, finding a place to conduct game has always been a great challenge for me – especially a place that could be used for holding long-term games (around the ball park of once every-other week).

Since the early days of holding games at the home of different players, the group decided to move the meetings to public places (of course, one of the reasons for doing so is to avoid the occasional intrusion of family members who don’t play the game).

However, public places is not without its downfalls; restaurants such as McD’s is not the best place for an 8-hour long adventure; likewise, small restaurants with separate tables might get a bit awkward for customers staying for both lunch and dinner (not to forget about the $$$ issue). Continue reading


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Dnd 4th Ed: Keep on the Shadowfell S-3

UndeadChamber,原由 dalune 上載。

It’s been a long time since my last update. Of course, the truth is that there has been several sessions between the last post and this one, but not much has been accomplished. In fact, the situation is pretty much a stalemate, with players still trying to make their way through the first level of the keep.

For those of you who have the module, you probably remember this scene – the corridor right outside Sir Keegan’s resting place, manned by a ten stone coffins generating an unlimited supply of guardian skeletons. Continue reading

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DnD 4th Ed: Keep on the Shadowfell S-2

The group playing at a local restaurant near NTNU
The group playing at a local restaurant near NTNU

Now, playing at a public restaurant has never been so irritating. I recall playing at a local MacD about ten years ago. You won’t imagine how hellish it can get with curious eyes stabbing about, wondering what the freaks at the table are doing.

Fortunately, this new restaurant one of my players found was actually quite nice. In addition to being located near a major college (which means that most of the customers are young, more tolerant of unusual happenings, and won’t stick their nose in other people’s business), the restaurant also has a room that is out-of-the-way and includes a nice giant table for me to lay out the combat map.

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DnD 4th Ed – First Campaign

Well, after taking a long break for almost eight months (the previous campaign was called off due to over-focusing on one of the players who decided she was going to quite right before the last two sessions), I’m back into DMing once again.

This time, with the release of 4e, I decided to run the first official 4e module published by WoTC (Wizards of the Coast – publisher of DnD). Of course, I’m still trying to read all the core handbooks, but the players are anxious to start. Therefore, still shaky on how the game is managed, I called the first game last Sunday.

As we were unable to book a room at a local university due to the short notice, the first game took place at a restaurant around National Taiwan Normal University. The one good thing that happened was that we’ve managed to book a room with a huge table – allowing enough people to sit around it while still having enough room to lay out entire maps. Continue reading

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