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Taipei International Digital Photography and Media Equipment Exhibition

Tripods displayed at Manfrotto booth

This is the third time for me to visit the Photo Gear expo in Taipei. Similar to most expos in Taipei, the camera gear event has a lot more to do with selling stuff than introducing new gears. Continue reading


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The Power of Tradition: Matsu Pilgrimage (II)

The Crowd Walking on the Remains of Firecrackers

Free Food?!

Imagine this: an 8 day pilgrimage that takes you over a distance of 300 kilometers across numerous municipalities and all you have to do on the way is walk – all food and drink are provided by devout followers along the way. Continue reading

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The Power of Religion: Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage of Central Taiwan (I)

Placing one's belief at a obvious place

How powerful is religion?

For the disciples of history, religion is a moving force that has created significant impacts upon the human race, and continues to do so even today. The power of beliefs can influence individuals in ways that could not be explained by simple rationality. Continue reading

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Canon ImageFest

Canon Taiwan 10th Anniversary - Canon Imagefest

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in Taiwan, the local Canon held the Canon Image Fest event for a 3-day period between April 8 and April 10 at the plaza between Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 and Taipei 101.

While diehard Canon fans might know that the Japanese company has a factory in Taiwan, the marketing/camera division came much later (the factory has been up and running since the 70s, but “Canon Taiwan” is only celebrating its first decade on this island). Continue reading

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Tour de Taiwan – Stage 1


Cyclists cutting a corner; you can see the Eslite Bookstore in the backgroud

It is quite hard to imagine that the sun could be so daunting during spring season. Such was the case on the second day of the Tour de Taiwan 2011. Following the trial laps on Saturday, the tournament kicked off with the 60-km crit in Taipei.

Since the event happened on the same day and the same location as another cycling event (this one for entire families and average Joes), the route around city hall is crowded with spectators as well as participants of the other event. Continue reading

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